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This scrupulous  hand-woven pure Katan Silk Benarasi is one of the finest specimen of artisanal expertise by Mitan Ghosh designs. The thought provoking name chosen for this piece: Malikah (urdu for queen), justifies the weave’s essence in the true sense! In light of its name, the sarees purple hue which is symbolic of wealth and prosperity in several parts of the world, our Malikah is a perfect ode to regalia itself. Further, the intricate muted gold and silver zari work in ‘shikargah’, flaunting majestic lions, prancing towards its impending hunt, elevates the royalty of this saree to an incomprehensible extent. Wrapping Malikah around you, is almost reminiscent to wrapping yourself in a slice of the bygone antiquity, ready to be flaunted with pride!

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