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This hand-woven pure Katan Silk Benarasi is what one would deem as having a ‘gratifying essence’! Why? Well, because witnessing Naaz with bare vision and delicate hands is like witnessing that illuminated sunflower, playing hide and seek with the sunlight, standing out amidst the exalted, normative row of roses! While the bright yellow base of Naaz, lends it a rather frivolous vibe, the heavy intricate gold zari weave on it, makes it a woven mulberry miracle! Lest you are mistaken to only notice the heavy floral design of the border and the pallu of this saree, bejewelled with precious red silk thread dots, we should further reveal that the entire saree has intricate woven zari lines adorning it! With more to hold than meets the eye, Naaz ( meaning elegance, pride or glory) does justice to its name : an elegant  labor of love, Naaz is to glorify your wardrobe, making you feel unflinching pride of possessing it all for yourself!

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