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This eclectically soft Tissue Benarasi, is a work of sheer marvellous artistry. Pristine black embroidery on an eye blinding silver canvas, this saree emanates an aura, beyond comparison with the contemporaries of its creed. Light like the second skin on body, Rupali eludes a vibe that makes it befit to be worn at any time of the day, for any occasion! Imagine yourself decked up in heavy polki jadao and draped beautiful silver tissue : you are ready for any high end, elaborate event from day to night! Slip into the same shimmery drape with a sleep contemporary blouse to be paired and dainty diamonds on the go : you are sure to rock that cocktail party on your own accord. Versatile and voracious, Rupali looks nothing less than molten silver draped around your beautiful skin ; it is nothing less than a precious heirloom pick for your wardrobe!

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