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Amala happens to be an ingenious experiment of Mitan Ghosh Designs. 100% organic cotton blended with pure mulberry thread, this saree is a conglomeration of two regal saree genres : Jamdani and Benarasi. Woven in the authentic Benarasi ‘Paudi’ technique, with the heavy ‘Alphi Sona Rupa’ intricate buta all over, Amala on one hand reminisces the regalia of a Benarasi ; however, its rich cotton texture, with heavily designed ‘Konia’ (or corner of the pallu) makes it a beautiful epistolary of Jamdani weave, emanating the fragrance of ‘Nilambari’ (owing to its blue colour) weaving technique of the Dhakai Jamdani genre.

True to its name, Amala (meaning purity; another name for goddess lakshmi) is indeed an epitome of pure artistry : a treasure for your wardrobe to be passed from one generation to the next!

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