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This pure Katan Silk benarasi, is a handwoven tale of creative endeavour. Suggestive from the name itself, this saree is inspired from the legend of the south-indian goddess Meenakshi, and her temple of worship in Madhurai. A glance at Meenakshi Temple in glistening sunlight, makes it appear like a an architecture etched in bright yellow and gold, with hints of gleaming greens bejewelling the formation’s centre. Reminiscent to the same, this saree is an ingenious inspiration drawn illustration of the temple’s aura. With bright sunflower yellow authentic mulberry weaved as the base fabric, the saree has pure benarasi brazen sona-rupa leheriya zaris all over it; leheriya motifs, perfectly aligned as the straight-line geometry of the Meenakshi temple. To notch it up further, the border of the saree has meenakari Parakeets woven throughout. These bright green benarasi zari woven parrots not only signifies the green hue vested in the centre of Meenaski temple, but also acts as the symbol of Goddess Meenakshi’s vehicle, a rose beaked bright green parrot itself. Hence, wearing Meenakshi, not only makes one drape tales of history, across time and space, around their body, but it also reminds one of the real reason for choosing Meenakshi’s legend for artistic inspiration. In this light, let us never forget, Meenakshi was the warrior princess who proved herself at par, with her chauvinist contemporaries and fought all odds to be one with the love of her life. Draping yourself in the spirit of such prolific prowess, would be something inexplicable, without qualms. Procuring Meenakshi would be an heirloom piece, that would go on spreading the tale of Meenakshi’s beautiful tale, through a woven benarasi tapestry, indeed!

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