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This 100% pure handwoven Katan Benarasi, is indeed a conglomeration of myriad spirits, like its above description suggests. Inspired by the revered Baluchuri weave from Bishnupur, this Katan Benarasi is a masterpiece in its own accord. Though the weave motifs are reminiscent to Baluchuri, with human and animal figurines, albeit the illustration are that of Mughal prince and princesses prancing around mesmerising Mughal gardens. Dwelling in duality of the hues of red and pink, this saree is an ingenious work of art, which conglomerates artistic vision of two cultures, most seamlessly. Perfect for turning heads at any grand occasion, this saree is a no brainier when one is creating an heirloom wardrobe, to be passed on for generations after generations. Go on, get your hands on Raisha now!

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