Breathing in a pompous purple hue, this charismatic Katan Silk Benarasi is reminiscent to the passionate beauty of sky during dusk, just before the darkness envelopes the world.  Weaved with the luxurious Mughal floral motifs, this saree is an incredible art piece of ‘Sona-Rupa’ Butas, enmeshed all over it. While the colour and the fabric of the saree undeniably accentuate the regalia of the forgotten world, its eclectic golden and silver weave work together on the same material leaves behind an incredible contemporariness to fall for! If you are looking for a piece that leaves a lasting impression, ‘Roohi’ is what you are searching for!


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23,000.00 Incl. Tax

‘Roohi’: Her eyes speak the depth of the nine seas; her lips hum the unheard melodies of passion. She is the personification of passion, the ‘soul’ of life’s sonata itself.
Reminiscent to its name, this exquisite piece of Benarasi has a soul of its own. Akin to the eternal beauty of the sky during dusk, this Benarasi is one of #mitanghosh ‘s finest specimens of unadulterated luxury. While the regal handwoven work etched on this Benarasi gives it the essence of timeless couture, its overall elegant aura adds the optimum contemporary panache to it, making it an item to be treasured, and past on over generations. ‘Roohi’ is a woven tapestry of the majestic mysteries of the soul!

Whenever you drape yourself in a #mitanghosh Benarasi, you commemorate the relentless effort of the indigenous artisans who toil for endless hours behind creating these masterpieces. #mitanghosh sarees are an ode to their effort. You would definitely want to take good care of them!
The saree requires:
1. Dry clean only
2. Lest or no contact with liquid, especially perfume.
3. To be stored in a cool, dry place, with you often interchanging the folds.


Please note that our sarees are 6.5 meters long. The blouse worn by the models is not included with the sarees. The blouse pieces you will receive are the same color as the sarees, but the design will vary.

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