This is a Shikargah Banaras saree. The name Shikargah (Shikar or hunting) comes from its human or animal motifs, especially in hunting postures, which have been very intrinsically woven into the fabric. It has been described as “a living heirloom, a study in opulence, a drape once made only for the royalty, woven only by 5% of the weavers in Benares” thus making it a very unique piece. The word is also used to describe how kings used to go on a hunt for wild animals in their kingdom, a popular custom in the old days. The process of weaving such a saree is also very complicated, taking 60 man-days to weave the saree. The border of the saree has elephants and floral motifs alternated in a beautiful pattern along the entire length of the saree. The body is decorated with golden horses, lions, deers, hunters, birds coming together to create an exuberant animal kingdom.


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21,350.00 Incl. Tax

Saharaa: The lioness chooses each step carefully, hardly making a sound, in the hot, humid, and lush jungle as she stalks her prey. In the corner of her eye, she sees her prey and slowly descends into a crouch. In one flawless, clean motion she pounces – her prey never stood a chance.

Those who don this saree will find themselves emulating this lioness. She will be fierce, regal, dangerous, and protective. No one will dare to cross her path. The saree will drape around her like a protective layer and will magnify her power. The daring bright pink tone of the saree represents the boldness of this woman while the gold makes her shine like royalty.


Whenever you drape yourself in a #mitanghosh Benarasi, you commemorate the relentless effort of the indigenous artisans who toil for endless hours behind creating these masterpieces. #mitanghosh sarees are an ode to their effort. You would definitely want to take good care of them!
The saree requires:
1. Dry clean only
2. Lest or no contact with liquid, especially perfume.
3. To be stored in a cool, dry place, with you often interchanging the folds.


Please note that our sarees are 6.5 meters long. The blouse worn by the models is not included with the sarees. The blouse pieces you will receive are the same color as the sarees, but the design will vary.

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