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This pure handwoven Katan Benarasi in a chirpy ‘beetle leaf’ green is one of the finest specimen of Mitan Ghosh Designs. This saree happens to be a conglomeration of cultural artistry with the Bengal Benarasi being bejewelled by Rajasthani Leheriya design all over. The Leheriya design of Rajasthan is generally a free flowing form owing to its inspiration drawn from the hot winds blowing on the rugged Rajasthani terrain and owing to the fabric on which it is imprinted. Despite being an arduous task of replicating the free flowing vibe on a heavy traditional fabric like Katan silk, Zoya has emerged to be a fine specimen of this holistic conglomeration. Thriving in a rich and extremely articulate floral design, including the formation of the Leheriya lines too, Zoya is a beauty par excellence. True to its name, the beholder of this saree is bound to fall in love with its nuanced exception, savour its aura and preserve it for generations to come.

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