This pure Katan silk Banarasi imbibes a deep night black color. It is the color of the fierce blank panther, who has a sleek command in every step. This dark color only adds to the royalness of this spree and will make you stand out! While the bright candy apple red skirt border with kadhua sona and rupa butasadds a layer of youthfulness that captures the attention and balances the design. It is a beacon of femininity on the black background with the gold banarasi buta makes the saree delicately unique. To wear this saree is to understand that all eyes will be on you when you walk into a room, draped in a magnificent testament to you power.


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21,500.00 Incl. Tax

Damini: Like the brightest hit of lightning during the darkest, biggest storm of the monsoon season – she lights up the entire sky around her. She is the center of attention, no one can compare to her.
This unique Katan Silk Kadhiyal Kadhua Buta Banarasi Saree is royal in its essence. The bright red color is eye-catching and speaks to luxury. The deep black color reflects the turbulent night sky during a raging thunderstorm. The delicate gold embroidery that stretched across the saree reflects the powerful yet beautiful lightning that stretches across the night sky. When wearing this saree, you become Damini- powerful, eye-catching, and elegant.


Whenever you drape yourself in a #mitanghosh Benarasi, you commemorate the relentless effort of the indigenous artisans who toil for endless hours behind creating these masterpieces. #mitanghosh sarees are an ode to their effort. You would definitely want to take good care of them!
The saree requires:
1. Dry clean only
2. Lest or no contact with liquid, especially perfume.
3. To be stored in a cool, dry place, with you often interchanging the folds.


Please note that our sarees are 6.5 meters long. The blouse worn by the models is not included with the sarees. The blouse pieces you will receive are the same color as the sarees, but the design will vary.

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