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Inspired by Indira Devi Kaur, the royal princess and the grand daughter Jagathit Singh King of Kapurthala, Punjab, Mitan Ghosh’s creation Indira is as bold as the princess herself! Affectionately called the ‘Radio Princess’, princess Indira Devi remains the first Indian female to be a female political broadcaster, on BBC radio, assisting Gorge Orwell, during world war 2, as a representative of India. At the nascent age of 23, Indira also fled the country to become an actress in Paris. In this light, the black and white bold stripes, belonging to the genre of tissue Benarasi, is not only sui generis in its own accord, but is almost  an analogy of the princesses’ courageous life choices in weave. While the rich red and golden continued paisley of the border woven in khadiyal style, gives this saree the feel of antiquity, to which Indira Devi belonged. While Indira is indeed an ode to the royal femme fatale, Indira Devi, who was so ahead of her times, it also remains to be an ode to all the rebellious Indira Devi’s that this nation continues to give birth in every generation: may you keep breaking stereotypes, and keep making the nation proud. Of course, for us its extra special when you donne us while accomplishing the unthinkable!

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