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This intricate hand-woven pure Katan Silk Benarasi is yet another mesmerising spectacle of Mitan Ghosh designs. The name Shahnoor chosen for this piece, and it’s tell tale behind it, as if elucidates this weave most lucidly! A rare jet black Benarasi bejewelled with pure golden Benarasi zari, foretells us the tale of Shahnoor most voraciously : the princess with regal glow, born out of the womb of darkness and mystery! Further, the very eclectic and rare kadhua motif of parrot pairs with red beaks as the gold embroidered zari, almost makes this saree a scroll of visual folklore of the bygone era, wrought in gold, glitter and a mysterious glamour! The very audacious amalgamation of black gold and intricate red, this saree is reminiscent to wrapping yourself in the beauty of the unhindered dark sky, albeit gleaming brilliantly with the royal glow!

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