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100 percent handwoven, pure Katan benarasi, this saree is what one may say, a ‘mulberry miracle’. A singular glance at this mesmerising piece would give us the idea about its ingenious artistry. The conglomeration of two shades of red hue, forming an unique yet extremely seamless ‘half-and-half’ pattern is a very rare sight in the Benarasi brigade. Bejewelled with rich and extremely intricate khadua zari work all over the dual shaded base, this saree is literally a masterpiece in terms of its technique and artistry. Despite the full body work, the saree’s palla offers a different taste all together, laced with mughal motifs of zari paisleys. Reminiscent to its name, Lalima is indeed a woven poetry revealing the omnipresent truth of the shades of red  in each woman’s life; it is as if an ode to the ombre  of womanhood!

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