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This intricately hand-woven pure Katan silk Benarasi is one of a kind! True to its name, Nilah (named after the rare gemstone Blue Sapphire), this ocean blue Benarasi is a piece of art, to be draped on one’s body. Just how its namesake is a gemstone that stands out amidst the multitude of rare stones, has a reputation of choosing its wearer and never the other way round, this beautiful blue 6 yards, bejewelled with silver leheriya and buta zari work, not only strikes out amongst the quintessential benarasis, but also will definitely find means to be in your wardrobe, if it takes a fancy on you. With a look that is as subtle as the blue breeze but with the gravitas of the deep navy ocean, Nilah is worthy of being called an heirloom piece, that you would gladly treasure to be passed on!

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