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Pure Katan Silk Benarasi in vermilion red Priyamvada is reminiscent to an artwork par excellence! Delicately created on a red rich palate, this saree is woven with muted gold zari throughout. With patterns of blooming lotuses in gold atop a red canvas, Priyamvada could easily pass as an attire meant for antiquity. However, despite its richness, the serenity that this saree lends to the eyes, in just a glance, makes it a versatile drape to be donned in various occasion, be it your own wedding or someone else’s! A single 6 yard thriving in traditional and contemporary vibe together, is very rare. But at Mitan Ghosh designs, we look impossible in the eye and make it possible; Priyamvada stands as a proof for the same!

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