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Apparent from the name itself, this saree is inspired by the femme fatale, the immortal Mughal begum Nur Jahan.  Speaking about the saree and its specificities, it is a 6 yard of brilliant artistry! Taking the intricate weaving design of Dhakai Jamdani, etched on the benarasi silk camvas, this saree is a conglomeration of two brilliant genre of sarees. In fact, owing to its inspiration, the outlandish jamdani design of the saree, impersonates the latent talent of the 20th wife and the chief consort of Jahangir, Nur Jahan. The empress was known as the nervous system during Jahangir’s rule in the Mughal dynasty. Her great attribute of an astute politician may have been veiled behind the garb of submissiveness, but had helped the empire, in more ways than one! The meenakari border of the saree, seems to be a direct translation of the Mughal regalia she belong too, while the colour green adds to the Mughal charm and vibe of it all! Be it for someone’s else wedding invitation, or be it your own, be it a contemporary pick of an heirloom piece to be restored, NurJahan from Mitan Ghosh design is your answer to all!

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