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This pure handwoven Katan Silk Benarasi emanates the air of antiquity in the most prolific way possible. Weaved out of a pristine onion pink mulberry thread, Penaazs’ colour palette base is not only mesmerising for the eyes, but is also quite rare for its creed. The saree further is heavily embroidered with pure benarasi ‘antique’ zari work, which lends it a spirit of vintage regalia, beyond comparison! The acute amalgamation of the heavy antique gold benarasi zari work, and the prettiest pink for its base colour, this saree almost becomes a metaphor for everything dreamy like the exuberance of first love or like the magnificence of the pink sky at dusk! Despite its wholesome weave, this saree is undoubtedly versatile in terms of being a daywear as well as a night wear and in terms of donning it in various occasions : be it a wedding or a cocktail night! Wearing Penaaz would be reminiscent to be wrapped up in an aura true to its name ; it would be like draped in a cloud of love, ready to offer and attract the same.

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