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Blending to myriad fabrics, most cohesively in a single weave, this purely handwoven tassar georgette kadhua meenakari banarasi is one of its kind. However, these amalgamated fabrics are only one of the many unique distinctions of the saree. This saree was created by drawing inspiration from the bravado of one of the greatest, the first and the last ruler of delhi sultanate, to have treaded on the soil of Hindustan- Razia Sultan. The saree’s flamboyant yellow becomes symbolic of the princesses’ feminine prowess and gallantry, that made her dominate the patriarchal royalty, despite having not having roots in the antiquity. And the pure, regal kadhua weave in meenakari design, is a keen observation of the colourful mughal paisleys, that Razia’s own bright ‘shalwar and kameez’ would carry. In fact, the choice of the colour yellow for this saree too, is vested in this rebel’s choice of choosing bold colours for her attire: bold,  boisterous and inexplicably brave life her life choices! The ‘Razia’ of Mitan Ghosh design, is an ode to that valorous women, who changed, who acting against her time and sacrificing her life, shaped the destiny of the future women of the nation. This creation is an ode to all those women, who still dare to swing their invisible sword, at the face of any hindrance on their ‘anantā’, path of victory!

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