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Apparent from the name itself, this saree was inspired from Rani Samyukta, the queen to Prithviraj Chauhan and the daughter of king Kannuj. Rani Samyukta is remembered as the true emblem of beauty with brains. She was known to be one of the determined women of that time and one of the greatest warrior queens of her time. Her story is preached as one of the bravest and romantic love of India, because she had married to Prithvi Raj Chauhan against many odds. The myth goes in the lines of Prithvi Raj Chauhan marrying her, without ever even glancing at her beauty prior to their marriage. In this light, this saree is almost an ode to the inexplicable beauty of the queen, ever so difficult to be elucidated through words. While the 100 percent handwoven Benarasi Tissue silk, gives out the most effervescent shine, the eyes can behold, it speaks in folds of the Rajputana Regalia, from where this saree is inspired. Further its intricately woven and extremely bold golden and silver pure benarsi Kadhua motifs all over the saree becomes the translation of the Rani Saheba’s rich gravity, poise and bravado! All in all, Samyukta from Mitan Ghosh’s ‘Ananta’ is not only a woven ode of the Rajput queen, but it is a woven tell-tale of all the queens bestowed deep in each of hearts, ready to conquer this world, one saree at a time!

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