This is an exclusive Handcrafted Pure Katan Silk Banarasi saree. The saree has an all over intricate muted gold zari weave.


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24,500.00 Incl. Tax

Specks on joy and gold run wild in the epiphany of emotions that Sehr is.
She brims with the majesty of womankind, only to overflow kindness, empathy & love.
A love, so subtle, that it touches your heart, soothes it and sets it free.
She’s the enabler, the confidant, who lifts you up in a red-golden embrace, everytime the skies get gloomy.
She holds your hand through dusk and walks you right into the dawn of new beginnings.
Sehr, a speck of bright light in a room of gloom.


whenever you drape yourself in a #mitanghosh Benarasi, you commemorate the relentless effort of the indigenous artisans who toil for endless hours behind creating these masterpieces. #mitanghosh sarees are an ode to their effort. You would definitely want to take good care of them!

The saree requires:

1. Dry clean only

2. Less or no contact with liquid, especially perfume.

3. To be stored in a cool, dry place, with you often interchanging the folds.

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