29,000.00 Incl. Tax

This purely handwoven Katan silk Benarasi is as exclusive as it gets. One of the rarest creations of Mitan Ghosh Designs, this Katan Benarasi belongs to the creed of ‘Rising Border’ : a kind of weave usually prevalent in Kanjiveram sarees. Amalgamating two distinct weave patterns, that of rising border and khadua weave, this saree is an ingenious product of creativity. Wrought in a regal purple hue, the already heightened border of the saree around the knees rises beautifully encapsulated the entire palla eventually. Moreover, the border itself is bejewelled with heavy intricate khadua weave benarasi zari work, with almost nil space left without work. True to its name, Urja  is indeed the ‘sui generes’ among the throng of benarasis one’s eyes may have witnessed. Owning Urja is not only owning 6 yards of unmatchable, timeless elegance, but it would also mean owning a creation of woven artistic mastery, for your wardrobe!

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