Iman Chakraborty Wears a Mitan Ghosh Handwoven Banarasi on Zee Bangla’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Iman Chakraborty Wears a Mitan Ghosh Handwoven Banarasi on Zee Bangla’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Mitan Ghosh’s name is synonymous with contemporary elegance and creations that speak of style and glamour. Her sarees have brought about a paradigm shift in the segment of handwoven Banarasi sarees. She is singlehandedly responsible for changing the way Banarasi saree designs are perceived in India.

This blog post gives a peak into Urjaand Amaara, two recent works by Mitan Ghosh that caught Iman’s stylist’s eye.

Iman Chakraborty in Mitan Ghosh Designs

As a perfect blend of fashion and music, the national award-winning musician Ms. Iman Chakraborty adorned herself in Urja and Amaara for Zee Bangla’s music reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. It is not every day that we get to see Iman in such classic traditional attire. But, when she does, stunning is what she becomes!

Why Urja and Amaara?


Urja is one of the rarest creations of Mitan Ghosh Designs. This Katan Banarasi belongs to the creed of “Rising Border”: a kind of weave usually prevalent in Kanjivaram sarees. Amalgamating two distinct weave patterns, that of the rising border and the kadhua weave, this saree is an ingenious product of creativity. Wrought in a regal purple hue, the already heightened border of the saree around the knees rises beautifully, eventually encapsulating the entire palla.

Moreover, the border itself is bejeweled with heavy intricate kadhua-woven Banarasi zari work, with almost no space left untouched. True to its name, Urja is indeed the sui generis among the throngs of Banarasis we have seen in recent times.


And Amaara is reminiscent of the audacious rays of the beaming sun. This Pure Katan Banarasi is an eclectic sunflower amongst generic roses! Most intricately handwoven with rich golden Banarasi buta, this saree is a real treat to the eye. While its mango pulp base gives it a tangy essence of frivolity and chaste innocence, it also flirts impeccably with the sophisticated aura of the Banarasi fabric, its regal handwoven zari work and a delicate yet understated pink border to go with it.

Owning Amaara is like reclaiming the chance of adorning your long lost childhood memories enmeshed with the sophistication you exude as the power woman you have evolved into, just like Iman did.

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