Reminiscent to the rays audacious rays of the beaming sun, this pure Katan Benarasi is an eclectic sunflower amongst generic roses! Most intricately handwoven with rich golden banarasi buta, this saree is but a real treat to the eyes! While its mango pulp base gives it a tangy essence of frivolity, and chaste innocence, it also flirts impeccably with the sophisticated aura of the Benarasi fabric, its regal handwoven zari work and a very delicate albeit understated pink border to go with it! Owing Amaara is like reclaiming the chance of adorning your long lost childhood memories enmeshed with the sophistication you exude as the boss lady, you have evolved into!


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24,650.00 Incl. Tax

Amaara: Long loose tresses reeking of bland coconut oil, chipped knees and a sun burnt skin: nothing stopped her from rushing up the flight of stairs to reach the rooftop, grab the ladder and conveniently pick the ‘Paka Aam’ (ripe mango) from the neighbor’s tree, leaning towards her! Her spirit was un-wavered then, her spirit is invincible now! 
This pure Katan Benarasi Silk in gorgeous yellow is a tapestry of childhood reminiscences.  Holding on to Amaara, close to the skin, is like suddenly being reminded of the long gone scorching summer afternoons of childhood, and our frivolous exploits of mango picking: oh, such a happy thought to dwell upon! Amaara is a beautiful conglomeration of a sun-kissed glorious spirit of the long lost innocence and the alluring panache of a boss-lady, ready to take over the world!

Whenever you drape yourself in a #mitanghosh Benarasi, you commemorate the relentless effort of the indigenous artisans who toil for endless hours behind creating these masterpieces. #mitanghosh sarees are an ode to their effort. You would definitely want to take good care of them!
The saree requires:
1. Dry clean only
2. Lest or no contact with liquid, especially perfume.
3. To be stored in a cool, dry place, with you often interchanging the folds.


Please note that our sarees are 6.5 meters long. The blouse worn by the models is not included with the sarees. The blouse pieces you will receive are the same color as the sarees, but the design will vary.