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This purely handwoven katan benarasi is yet another marvellous piece of art by Mitan Ghosh Designs. While the fabric’s base colour is a conglomeration shot hue of fuchsia and red, albeit the saree emanates a striking golden aura holistically.  Maintaining the pristine authenticity of Benarasi ‘jaal’ weave, this saree is almost weaves a tapestry of a spring bloom’s tale! Adorned with innumerable woven multicoloured benarasi zari, Mughal paisley flowers this saree is as regal as it gets. If you are keen to garner all the ogles, for a cocktail night or a snazzy evening wedding, this saree is your answer, without qualms. True to its name, Bahaaraa, indeed appears like the charming child of spring. Draped in these 6yards of sheer elegance, one is bound to feel abundant joy of nature’s bounty; one is bound to feel the exuberance of the scintillating spring’s delight!

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