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The Bengal’s Maharani, Bhavashankari Devi, was the inspiration behind the creation of this saree. This brilliant, and 100% handwoven Brocade Benarasi is inspired by this Bengali woman ruler, for more reasons than one. Endearingly known as “Raibhaghini”, Rani Bhavashankari of the Bengali Burisrestha Kingdom defeated the Pathan resurgence in Bengal and successfully established Hindu sovereignty back in the 16th century. The authentic “lal shada” combination of the 6yards ethereally translate the Bengali roots of the queen. However, the all over golden Benarasi zari speaks of the queenly regalia, reminiscent to the empress’s state of affairs. While the red brocade border of the saree is woven is beautiful bengali “Kolka” zari, its body its woven into Benarasi Mughal paisleys, once again drawing connotation of Mughal Samrat Akbar, who in fact gifted Bhavashankari the title of “Raibaghini”. Most quintessentially bengali yet Versatile in its own capacity, Bhavashankari is indeed of one the most special pieces created for our collection ‘Ananta’!

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