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Weaved out of the dreamiest pink pure tissue silk, this pure Katan Tissue benarasi is almost reminiscent to a summer’s sweet slumber. While the pink Katan tissue gives this saree the blush of beauty, its pure khadua sona rupa weaved motifs atop, gives the saree a regalia, unparalleled! If the name of the saree doesn’t spill it out already, it becomes essential to mention that the making of this saree was inspired by the royalty herself, Maharani Gayatri Devi. Gayatri Devi’s amour with fashion may need another dedicated space altogether, for discussion. However one of the most striking fashion revolutions that she brought about in India was the endorsement of minimalism in royal fashion. Popularising the chiffons, the organzas and the tissues, with her dainty pearls and extremely less makeup, in that epoch in India, from her travels all around the world, Gayatri Devi made India see how the contemporary ‘royalty’ was doing away with the heavy ‘rubies and wraps’ and still look like a vision worth million dollars! She showed the world, the Indian princesses were not the modest ones under the veils, but also ones who rode horses in the mud and be effervescently chic! Inspired from the favourite ‘pastel’ colour palette that the queen was seen frequenting this saree too is in sakura pink, with dainty work of very classy silver and gold buttas, for that optimum touch of glamour. As a result ‘Gayatri’ of Mitan Ghosh Design becomes one of the most agile drape in your wardrobe: lightweight, classy and glamorous, all in one artwork of a tapestry!

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