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Hundred percent handwoven, this immensely exclusive Rangkat Benarasi is ingenious a creation of Mitan Ghosh Design, as it gets. Speaking briefly about this creed one needs to understand, Rangkat is an exclusive warp-weft style of Benarasi. It is a crossover weave of mulberry yarns with two or more colours. Deemed as the highest order of kadhiyal weave from Benaras, this Benarasi is an worthy of being an heirloom piece. However, when at Mitan Ghost Design, we always aspire to take traditional weaves a notch higher. In this light, defying the generic colour blocking stripes of Rangkat weave, we have created Sooriyani with dual tones of rose red and rose pink, conglomerated as geometric triangles. While we were successful at acing this rather arduous and challenging weave, we kept the inlay work of the saree, as beautifully traditional as it gets : Kadhua embellishments of floral and geometrical butas. Reminiscent to its name, meaning pinkish red in Pashto, this saree is almost a tribute to the various shades that we superwoman posses within ourselves. It is a personification of our inner hue that we radiate in array of ways in varied events of our lives : be it our wedding or the battle of life, making it a perfect addition to our very curated wedding collection this year!

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